Sunday, March 13, 2022

The Chip, Book 3 in The Virginia White Chronicles Released Today!

 Put my nose to the ol' grindstone and finally The Chip is now available! Virginia's story continues! 


Virginia continues her journey of atonement by searching for a missing girl. When it’s discovered a golden casino chip worth a jackpot of over six million dollars has been stolen, Virginia suspects there is a link between the two crimes. During her investigation, she gets caught in the middle of an old feud between two rival crime families. Blood will be shed, but Virginia will stop at nothing to unravel the truth and find the missing girl. ~

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The Chip is book three of the Virginia White Chronicles. If you're unfamiliar with the series and want to check it out, the first book is titled The Disk and can be found here: Amazon

The series is a vigilante justice crime thriller, with psychological thriller aspects as well, all told from the perspective of a woman who battles with mental illness, sins from her past, and finding her place in the world. 

The next book and final book called The Piece is due out this year as well. Keep on eye on this blog or my website for further details on that! 🧩

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