Thursday, March 10, 2022

Website Updates & Book Soundtracks

 Welp, I've finally updated my website. Took me long enough, right? It looks a little more polished and organized as far as my books go. And it has nifty little banners for each of my series which turned out pretty nice if I do say so myself!

My website:

In addition to getting things organized, I've also made Youtube playlists featuring music I listened to and used as inspiration when I wrote each of my novels. At some point I would like to go into more detail about why certain songs were picked and how they inspired me, but that'll have to wait. I have more pressing things I need to get to (like publishing my next book!).

You can find the playlists on my Youtube channel:

Quick note that although I personally picked these songs and in my mind they are the soundtracks to my stories, I am in no way affiliated with the artists/musicians who recorded them. I just appreciate good music! 🎢🎧😊

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