Friday, August 31, 2012

Free Ebook Promotion & Book Update

The free ebook promotion for Dog Days of Summer is still going strong, and there's still a whole day left to get a free copy!

I would like to point out that I noticed a minor formatting issue with my book early this morning that I have since fixed. Some of you may be familiar with it. The text was defaulting to a very tiny font. My apologies to those who downloaded my book prior to the fix, and if you go to Manage Your Kindle in your Amazon account, you can delete the old download and re-download the book again, if the text issue bothers you (it bothered me, so I completely understand!). You can also request an updated file from (Dog Days of Summer by L.M. Pfalz - ASIN: B008ZLPVR8). Again, I'm so sorry for the inconvenience. There's a lot of trial and error happening since this is my first Kindle book, and with any luck (and if Amazon doesn't change formats again), my future books should be published without issue.

Since the problem turned out to be a pretty easy fix, I thought I'd share it with my fellow writers/publishers, since it seems to be a pretty common problem (and undetectable in Kindle previewers, unfortunately). In Kindle's latest update, they have introduced Kindle Format 8, which I guess is for use with the next generation of Kindles, I'm not entirely sure. Anyway, for whatever reason, this new format doesn't play nice with font-size tags in the html file of your book. Even though I liked the idea of a larger font for the title page and chapter titles, I ended up not worrying about it, as I didn't want to keep playing around with the file during my free promotion days. Once I removed all my font-size tags (and for good measure, the font-face tags), the text on the Kindle now defaults to the proper size (nice and readable!). And I actually am not minding having the same size font for my chapter titles, so it seems like a small price to pay for my readers to have an easier (and hopefully more pleasurable) reading experience.

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