Sunday, August 19, 2012

Book Announcement!

So, big news! I finished my book, and it's in the process of being uploaded to Amazon as I speak. It's called Dog Days of Summer, Book 1 in the Moonridge Memories series. I originally planned the series as a trilogy, but then decided to do a seasons theme, so now it will be at least four books long. More information will be posted tomorrow, once the book is officially for sale.


I hoping against hope that all the formatting comes through correctly. It looked great in the preview, but being as this is my first e-book, I'm not sure if there will be any unexpected surprises. The process actually was less complicated than I was expecting, and I think I sort of psyched myself out by reading sooo much information about it beforehand, trying to prepare myself. I'm hoping next time I'll remember exactly what to do, so I don't torture myself again and get so stressed out!

Oh! Sheesh, I almost forgot. I made a quick trailer for my book using Animoto:

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