Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Silly Little Blogger

Did I forget to mention how terrible I am at updating blogs? It's not that I don't want to or that it's time consuming, I just either forget or lose time in other things and just don't get around to it. Maybe it's just tough right now because I don't have much to update.

Maybe for now I'll talk about some of my writing goals. Yes, yes, that's the ticket! But first a quick rewind. Since it's my birthday next week, and I'm gonna be 29 (le gasp!), I realized it's been ten years since my first excursion into the publishing world. I'm not gonna go into details about that experience (yet...maybe someday), but I have to say it's been a long strange trip. Since I first started writing, I had a pretty modest dream about my writing career. I just wanted to be able to write and make a living. I never saw myself as the next Stephen King, making millions of dollars and becoming famous. To me, fame and celebrity attached to an author seems like a surreal thing. Writers have to delve within themselves to put pen to paper, and stay inside a world of their own creation. Many writers are introverts. Some are shy, and some are even socially phobic/anxious. I'd classify myself as all of these things. In group settings, I was never the social butterfly; I was the observer. I acted like a sponge and absorbed the nuances of people--the way they acted, the masks they wore, how they spoke, etc.

The reason why an author being a celebrity seems bizarre to me is because it makes the "observer" the "observed". Since I'm not famous, I can't weigh in personally on how this must feel. But I know myself well enough to know that I wouldn't thrive on fame. Success, yes. Fame, no. I actually think Thomas Pynchon has the right idea. As a writer, I enjoy solitude. I've been called a hermit before. Doesn't bother me. I've often joked that I see myself becoming a crazy cat lady, living as a recluse. Hey, it could happen! The funny thing is, it doesn't even sound half-bad to me. Perhaps I need to start worrying for my sanity.

This has turned into an odd tangent. Going back to my writing goals, I've decided to try the e-publishing (self-publishing) route, once I finish with rewrites on my first novel. I've been going back and forth between deciding whether to seek a literary agent or self-publish, and in the end, I thought I'd give e-publishing a shot, since e-books seem to be the wave of the future. Once I get the ball rolling, I should have more to update on this blog.

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