Sunday, February 13, 2022

Time Waits For No One...

 Wow, just wow. Where has the time gone? Life has been a roller coaster ride the last few years. I can't believe I'm even saying that...a few years?! Not sure how that's even possible! It feels like only yesterday that I published The Mad Alice.

But is a new day, and we're at the beginning of a new year, and hopefully it'll be better than the last! 

So what's on the agenda? Well, a few things! Virginia White has been neglected long enough and I'm currently working on finishing her series. The third book, The Chip, is in the editing stages and should be published soon! I am currently writing the final book, The Piece, which I am really excited for. Since the series was originally planned to go much longer, The Piece is visiting two storylines and will most likely be the longest of the series. But I'm really, really liking how it's coming together! I was a little leery of trying to put the plots together into one book, but it feels reminiscent of the first book The Disk, which has me excited to see the series come full circle! It's going to be really hard to say goodbye to Virginia, but I think it'll be good to finally see her have some closure. Once The Virginia White Chronicles is finished, I will be focusing on Fear & Fairy Tales.

To my shock, I realized this year marks the 10 year anniversary of when I published my first book, Dog Days of Summer! 10 years...unbelievable! When I realized that, I decided it's time to finally do something I've been putting on the backburner since day 1: paperbacks! I've got the ball rolling and am planning to release paperbacks of Moonridge Memories this year, and if all goes well, I'd like to make them for all the ebooks I currently have published. I'm really excited for this and hoping all goes well. It's a lot of work, but it'll be worth it in the end. I was always extremely intimidated by the amount of time it would take to reformat my books for paperback, but fortunately I found a wonderful website that takes a lot of the tedium out of it. So now the work is mostly in redoing the covers. I didn't plan ahead so I have no wraparound covers for my books, so it's basically trying to retrofit my current covers into the measurements of a paperback. I think I'm up to the challenge though! Moonridge Memories, with the exception of the 4-book collection, have already been redone and in the process of being proofed and submitted for publication! Hoping to have them done by the end of February or beginning of March. 

Whew! I think that covers everything for now! Back to work! 😊💻✍

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