Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Almost three months later...

And I finally decide to blog again! I hope everyone had a good holiday season and are having a happy new year so far. So, what's up with me? Well, after releasing Leaves in Autumn I took a little hiatus from writing to brainstorm and sort out my notes for the third book in the Moonridge Memories series, while also enjoying the holidays. I have a little confession to make. When I first started writing my Moonridge Memories series, I had planned on it being a trilogy, but then I came up with having each book fit into a different season, because of how much time the series spans (20 years or so, not including childhood flashbacks). I figured it would be easier to keep track of what happened when if there's a set backdrop (ie, a season). So my trilogy became a...quadrilogy? Quartet? Hmm. I prefer the term "saga" ;)

But anyway!

Trust me, there is plenty of story left to tell to easily fill two books, but I had to change my entire road map on how to get there. So, I'm currently working on the third book (presently, Untitled), and I'm hoping to have it out within a month or two.

I've also been working on further distribution for my books. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my first two books will be in all major online retailers by Spring. I'm also in the process of making Dog Days of Summer free indefinitely, so you can basically sample the series before committing to it.

My books are currently available on Smashwords and Kobo, and "Dog Days" is free there. Of course my books are also on Amazon (still working on making "Dog Days" free there...I'll update when it does!)

I also have plans to fix up this blog and make it (hopefully) a bit more user friendly. I've never been thrilled with my tabbed links across the top. But for now, many things are being pushed to the back burner, so I can get back to writing!

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